Social Media Power, 21 Million Pairs of Google Glass and More

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Maybe Sometimes You Don’t Need a Blog BizSugar

Experts tend to have a lot of hard and fast rules about what’s necessary to gain authority. You need a website or blog we’re told. But this comment from Shibani Roy on a post by Liudas Butkus at BizSugar recently shows how authoritative simple social media engagement can be.

21 Million Google Glass Headsets by 2018 MarketingLand

Though surveys may suggest they’re less popular than smartwatches and some businesses have decided to ban their use, smartglasses are going to be a huge tech trend. Matt McGee provides more data. It’s time to plan how this will affect your digital marketing.

It’s All About the Engagement SJC

There’s more evidence today that social media really is growing revenue for businesses. But that doesn’t mean we can forget one of the most important roles social media plays. This post from Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions explains more.

Stay With The Times Visceral Concepts

Given Michael McNew is involved in the Web design business, it’s not surprising he recommends business owners update their websites regularly. But there are many other ways your business needs to stay relevant to your customers, too. Make sure your products and services remain important to them.

Pinterest for Local Business cSocially

If you’re already using Pinterest, you know it’s a powerful platform. The site’s ability to drive massive traffic is well-known. But Web based businesses aren’t the only ones benefiting from Pinterest, writes Marcus Crutcher. Local businesses can too. Here’s how.

The Hardest Job Bowden2Bowden Blog

With the rise of digital media and the many tools available to small businesses, it seems like marketing should be easier. It isn’t, says Randy Bowden. Here’s why.

Responsive Web Design or App

When considering your mobile business strategy, one important decision will be about your website. Options include a responsive website or a mobile app for your mobile presence. Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell looks at the differences and which option might be better for you.

Increase Fixed Costs to Build Scale Hourly Nerd

Cutting back on fixed costs is conventional wisdom for small businesses. But it may not always be the right strategy. Here, from the Hourly Nerd team, is a radically different approach with a case study of Arrow Electronics.

Networking Important to Your Franchising The Independence Blog

Some franchise owners new to the industry may not be aware of the importance of networking to the process. Jeff Bevis, CEO of FirstLight HomeCare explains why.

Measuring the Maturity of Your Marketing Efforts Stephen Darori on Marketing

Inbound marketing is still a hugely important strategy for businesses of all sizes. But it turns out that campaigns are not all created equally. Often the effectiveness has to do with the maturity of the marketer. Here’s how to assess your approach.

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