Hi, I’m Bridgett Hart

I’m a Business Consultant who’s super passionate about helping business grow with phenomenal people.

I have over 20 years of leadership experience from running my own small business to overseeing large corporate teams.

In my role as Executive Director of a multi-million dollar group home agency with over 250 employees operating 24/7/365, I developed a team that was able to withstand incredible pressures during the most devastating economic downturn in company history.

I did that by developing a system of hiring, training, and evaluation that allowed me to slash turnover rates and expenses and significantly improve quality of operations.

When the business was sold in 2012, I turned my efforts toward the numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs in my network.

As demand grew for my expertise, I created In-House HR as a way to provide the support small businesses need without the overhead and inefficiencies of a typical staffing agency or business consultant.

My motto is “Under Promise, Over Deliver”

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